Andy Davies: Visual Artist

"Coastal Cradle" Memorial Park, White Rock, BC 2017 (in fabrication)


"Traveller's Return," Prince Arthur's Landing, Thunder Bay, ON, 2011


Andy Davies Sculpture Andy Davies Sculpture in Prince Arthur's Landing

Original Concept Images

The design and form of the sculpture is based on a water droplet, a reference to the commanding waters of Lake Superior. Taken as a whole, the sculpture functions as a dialogue between the two pieces within it, the group and the single. The sculpture will activate the space of the Mariner's Hall plaza and engage the public to walk through and interact with it. The mirror finished surface of the sculptures will invite young and old alike to get up close and see themselves in the work.

The title carries a double meaning. Written with the apostrophe it speaks to the return of a traveller — to home, family and community. This speaks to the travellers, tourists and migrant workers that Thunder Bay has welcomed over the centuries. Spoken without the apostrophe, it is a call or beckon to Thunder Bayers who have gone away to return home again and see their city with new eyes.

"We All Fit Together" G.H. Dawe Centre, Red Deer, AB, 2010

The City of Red Deer commisioned Andy to create and construct a public work at the G.H. Dawe Centre in Red Deer, in the summer of 2010. The work included artwork made in collaboration with Grade 3 and 4 students from G.H Dawe Elementary and St. Patrick's Elementary schools.

I believe that the sense of pride and ownership that children feel in being an active part of their environment is essential to their self-esteem and the building of strong community bonds.

As a teacher, I am aware that art can be a powerful educational tool, and when public art is accessible, it can provide the basis for a more profound understanding and conversation about the role of art in society. I am interested in the role that public art plays as a catalyst in giving people, in particular children and youth, opportunities to engage and interact with art, and with each other. Art can and should be a learning process and build community. Public art is unique in that it can be conceptual, formally resolved, and accessible (tactile, kinetic, or otherwise) to a broad audience.

"How Can I Miss You If You Never Go Away?" Galt Gardens, Lethbridge, AB, 2007

Installed at the southeast corner of Galt Gardens Park in September, 2007, "How Can I Miss You If You Never Go Away" is made up of four independent poles, each with a special shape and meaning. This colourful, kinetic sculpture interacts with both wind and sun — bringing life to the area in the form of dynamic shadows on the surface of the street, sidewalk, and park. The sculpture is part of Lethbridge's 'Heart of Our City' initiative.

Public Commissions